What/Who is/a ReggaePhrenik®?

What do you call the ULTIMATE REGGAE CULTURE ENTHUSIAST? A ReggaePhrenik®


Welcome to the future home of ReggaePhrenik®. We are building a mobile first direct-to-consumer digital brand and platform for reggae culture enthusiasts. The company aims to ignite the passions of reggae culture enthusiasts around the globe by offering products and services across ReggaePhrenik® Commerce and our related platforms.


For far too long, millions of reggae culture enthusiasts have embedded themselves into arguably one of the most potent cultures anchored by Reggae music. These individuals are usually called "Reggae Fans," but it goes deeper than that for this global audience. It's not just about the music, it's the entire culture birthed by the music. It's a way of life, speech, fashion, food, and lifestyle. We've branded these true Reggae Culture enthusiasts as 'Reggae Phreniks.' In its original spelling, Phrenic means "of or relating to the mind". This accurately describes the individual who eats, sleeps, and breathes reggae culture. It's a state of mind that goes far beyond the music. Tell the world who you are. You're a ReggaePhrenik®